Why do you need an external consultant?

Now days we find out that so many companies are not willing anymore to hired or to paid the required amount for an external consultant services. But they really know what is the real value of this job in this competitive world?

If you had the opportunity in your professional life to have a mix on experiences between being a consultant and being executive, you should know that at the time you are working in a day to day basics in charge of a company or company´s department it hardly time to do projects, improvement projects or to think in another thing rather than the day to day activities and duties (if you HAVE TO DO IT, you for your sure will do a tiny effort to get your bonus).

Meetings after meetings, working in presentations to show how the things are going / doing well or bad. The people do not have time to think in other things rather than ongoing business matters.

In the other hand, there are fresh minds, with updated information and practices on how to do better that "ongoing business", and especially they are not limited by the status quo of the company (that should be recognize as the biggest management waste of the every company).

These people are call Consultants!

Consultants have access to best practices, current trends, how the best in your business are doing what they are doing, they are not immerse in your culture and / or status quo, they work with common sense (that is the lest common of all of the human senses), and they can give a challenge to your current believes, practices and results.

Even though Warren Buffett does not believe in this powerful resource, every company and executive need this external hit to move all of them out their comfort zone (that should be recognize as another management waste).

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